Year 4 Open Afternoon

by rpayne on July 18, 2017

After a whole term of preparation Year 4 finally unveiled their Roman town this afternoon. The children have learnt all about Roman lives and particularly focussed on Roman buildings in order to create their own historically accurate Roman building. the children worked in pairs to design and make a villa using design and technology techniques. They used a lot of their Maths skills, such as measure, and had to problem solve and think creatively. Not only did we display our Roman town, we also presented our shields, our knowledge of Roman baths and had food to try that Romans would have eaten. The children even prepared word searches and quizzes for the adults, to test their knowledge!

To top it all off, we had a lovely crumble, made by Maddie (thankyou very much) with rhubarb that the children had grown at Greenway. Everyone had a taste and thought it was delicious! Well done Year 4, what a great afternoon!


rpayneYear 4 Open Afternoon

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